I saw our blue-eyed ballplayer’s apotheosis from bleacher section 96 in right.  Five bucks to watch Game Two One Three One (W-Mussina, 16-8; L-Boscie, 6-4) that night when schools in Baltimore had just reopened and summertime was digging in its heels.  Euphoria was levitating neighborhoods and marble stoops. Inside the ballpark, pandemonium was trapped and caged, butContinue reading “2131”

That Pesky Background Voice Reading the Caveats

Last night I made myself sit and watch a good slice of the Republican Convention, or whatever this largely prerecorded thing is.  Stepford meets Jonestown meets Nuremberg might be right.  I didn’t stick around for Pence, who, from what I read this morning, had his usual funeral home director charisma.  What I will say isContinue reading “That Pesky Background Voice Reading the Caveats”

Will a Global Pandemic Goose a Global Major League Baseball?

Pandemic restrictions are easing across most of the U.S. Workplaces of all types, big and small, public and private, are scrambling to figure out the immediate future, yet also have to think ahead to the long-term lessons of the shutdown. It doesn’t take much imagination to anticipate that the massive expansion of teleworking, home deliveryContinue reading “Will a Global Pandemic Goose a Global Major League Baseball?”

Want to Save the Humanities? Bring out the Skulls

The Covid-19 crisis is a chicken with its head off, bounding its crazy path to who knows where.  For now, the experts aren’t willing to venture predictions about very much, including how long the disease will rage, what its mortality profile will turn out to be, whether warmer temperatures will stop it in its tracks, howContinue reading “Want to Save the Humanities? Bring out the Skulls”

The axe didn’t fall on Elizabeth Warren; quite the contrary

The wailing of mourners fills the air.   When Elizabeth Warren withdrew from the Democratic primary field on Thursday, the dream that a woman would present Donald Trump with a notice of eviction from the White House was snuffed out.  What a cup of karma that would have been for today’s misogynistic Republican Party to have had toContinue reading “The axe didn’t fall on Elizabeth Warren; quite the contrary”

Sorry, the Summer Game Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Major League Baseball’s spring training is upon us.   Sports journalists are loading up to pepper fans with predictions about the season—who will contend, who will flop, who will come out on top—and also with commentaries about the knotty issues facing MLB as an enterprise.  What should be done about competitive imbalance?  How severe should the sanctions be againstContinue reading “Sorry, the Summer Game Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”

New Motto for The Hill School

Lamar Alexander has demonstrated the GOP’s no-nonsense commitment to fighting grade inflation.   He has given D. Trump’s performance a scorching “Inappropriate.”   Susan Collins may even go as severely old school as to assign a mark of “Needs Improvement.”  “Coming Along Nicely” Lisa Murkowski will then annotate ambiguously on the permanent record, to avoid unpleasant litigation.  “Not in Latin,” MittContinue reading “New Motto for The Hill School”

Putting in a Good Word for the Royals

Royalty may just be a good thing to have around, as silly as it is.   That’s the conclusion I’ve reached as I’ve watched the avalanche of media coverage rolling down the magic mountain that is the British Monarchy the last couple of weeks.  Harry and Meghan took their abrupt leave of the royal family and its prerogatives,Continue reading “Putting in a Good Word for the Royals”

Nietzsche and the Architects

Maybe you read Nietzsche in your student days, when you were still wide open to new ways of seeing existence. Maybe you did a double-take when you ran into eternal return, his marquis idea. It isn’t a winner with most readers. Understandably so. There is something that makes your skin crawl about the prospect ofContinue reading “Nietzsche and the Architects”