Bourbon and Sulphur

Canto One McConnell always kept the curtains drawnaround the musty sanctum of his soul.His ethics, firm as a suburban lawncurated by a hyperactive mole,had landed him the caucus kingpin role.This group was built for subterfuge, not smarts,like burner phones for sale at Kwik-E Marts. They were the syndicate Mitch swore to lead,and lead he would,Continue reading “Bourbon and Sulphur”

For the Class of 2023: A Guide to the Future from Someone Who Has Been There

President Trump has fired off hate rhetoric at bumpstock speed throughout his presidency. None of it has been more ignorant than the shots he took at Baltimore in July 2019. The man knows nothing about the city he slammed. Least of all does he have any inkling of the love Baltimore inspires in its residentsContinue reading “For the Class of 2023: A Guide to the Future from Someone Who Has Been There”

The Shining, Pelosi-Style

The sitzkrieg over the Trump impeachment, occasioned by House Speaker Pelosi’s delay in referring the impeachment to the Senate, is about to return to the headlines after the congressional recess for the holidays.  What is her calculus? To my mind, it isn’t difficult to read. Pelosi and her top lieutenants have been clear about whyContinue reading “The Shining, Pelosi-Style”

Just Whose Children Are All God’s Children?

“Turkish Delight”—what is it?   Most Americans have never tasted it or seen it, although they may have run into mention of it in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. This classic book for young readers—the first installment of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series— features a boy named Edmund who colludes with a witch againstContinue reading “Just Whose Children Are All God’s Children?”